These are the most popular ways to grow food, Vertically!
More people are wanting to grow food in their small urban spaces like on their decks, patios, balconies and even indoors!  Regardless of your budget or style, there's a system that will suit your taste and your wallet. Here's a few of our favorites and why we love them so much.

Garden Tower, image via @themoreonesows

Growing outdoors has never been easier or more beautiful. This system has a composter built into the center that you can add your kitchen scraps and "compostables" into it. Make sure you load up your tower with plenty of worms so you can take advantage of the compost tray at the bottom. It also has a container that stores compost tea that is automatically created when you water your Garden Tower. 

Pallet Gardenimage via @midlifegardener

Affordable and readily available to most gardeners, pallets are becoming the new "craze" in vertical gardening. Usually the perfect size for a small deck or patio and a great place to grow things like strawberries, leafy greens and herbs. Just make sure you don't pick up a chemically treated pallet, as they aren't safe to grow edibles in. Make sure your pallet is either un-treated or heat-treated. 

Gronomicsimage via @txmerebear

Raised garden beds make gardening a cinch! No more bending over to harvest your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs. These are also the perfect solution to those who are renting and are unable to "alter" the appearance of their landscaping. Plus, you can easily take this raised bed with you if you relocate. 

ReoGro Vertical Gardens

Made from something resembling rebar and terra-cotta pots, this system is clean, and function-able. Create this system as small or as large as you like for a stunning piece that will have all of your urban gardening friends green with envy. 

Recycled Bottle Garden, via @giobelkoicenter

If you're big into recycling, this garden is for you. Constructed from leftover water bottles, this garden is extremely cost-effective and fun to look at. Stick to small crops when planting in such a small container so that the roots do not become crowded. 

Tower Garden, image via @fitninja_dan

If you're thinking about dabbling in hydroponics or aeroponics a Tower Garden might be for you! This system takes up very little space and does well both indoors and out. The "once a month" feeding regime will allow you more time to do what you enjoy and you won't have to ever worry about watering your garden again. Simply keep the reservoir at the bottom filled with water and nutrients, and a timer will spray just the right amount of water onto the roots of your plants throughout the day.  


Rain Gutter Garden, image via @frk_munkeby

This is the perfect set-up if you have a wall or fence line you are looking to grow on. Simply attach some rain gutters to your vertical space, add soil and start growing. Just make sure you drill a few drainage holes throughout the gutter. Strawberries look stunning when grown on a wall in this type of system. 

Wall Pockets by Florideja 

Looking for a small, simple way to grow a few lettuces or leafy greens indoors? Perhaps you'd enjoy having your favorite culinary herbs right at your fingertips near your kitchen. Wall Pockets allow you to grow indoors inside a felt pocket which ensures the plants roots are able to breathe.

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