Basil, Italian Large Leaf

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Italian Large Leaf Basil has soft, crinkled, bright green 2"-4" leaves, and a sweeter flavor than the Genovese Basil.

Aromatic and delicious, use it to flavor herbal tea, herb butter, oil, vinegar, pasta and pizza sauce, antipasto, smoothies, curries, cocktails, Caprese salad, dressing, and pesto. The edible flower spikes make a beautiful garnish. Reliable producer and all-around great Italian basil.

Harvest the leaves and stems from the top part of the plant, and pinch off edible flower buds as they appear, which prevents the leaves from turning bitter, and signals the plant to branch out and grow more leaves, making a bushier plant.

The more you harvest, the more it grows!

  • Sweet and spicy with less clove
  • Genovese type
  • Grows 1'-2' tall
  • Good for containers
  • Tons of medicinal benefits!

As a medicinal herb, Basil has been used internally to treat anxiety, colds, colic, cough, depression, diarrhea, fever, flatulence, flu, indigestion, insomnia, intestinal parasites and worms, exhaustion, gastric pain, gonorrhea, lactation problems, migraine headache, nausea, stomach cramps, sore throat, and vomiting, and externally to treat acne, insect bites and stings, loss of smell, skin problems, snake bites.

YIELD Do not use medicinally while pregnant.

YIELD Medicinal properties are presented as information only, and are not a recommendation or prescription for use. Consult a medical professional before using any herb medicinally.

    As a companion plant, Basil attracts hummingbirds, pollinators, and beneficial insects, and repels asparagus beetles, cabbage moths, cabbage white butterfly, cabbage worms, carrot rust fly, flies, maggots, mice, mosquitoes, spider mites, thrips, and tomato hornworms. 

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    The Italian Large Leaf Basil plant will produce medium to large leaves that can measure up to 4" long! It is of heirloom variety and is extremely fragrant and used widely in the culinary industry.  If you're a lover of basil, this would be a good variety to plant in your garden.  

    What is Italian Large Leaf Basil?

    Italian Large Leaf Basil is an annual plant that will produce edible and fragrant leaves, flowers, and continue to put off a few more leaves through the process of ending it's life cycle.  This basil grows well in "filtered light" (meaning near a bright window or under a tree), and it grows best in 50-90 degree weather.  Warm, but not too warm. 

    Health Benefits of Italian Large Leaf Basil

    Italian Large Leaf Basil has anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory effects. It's been known to help people with inflammatory health problems like arthritis or IBS.  Basil also contains properties that mimic food preservatives so it makes good sense to try and include more basil into the foods you prepare at home. Basil will help naturally preserve them so they'll be safer, longer. Basil also contains all the good stuff needed for better cardiovascular health.

    Ways to Consume Large Leaf Italian Basil

    Use this variety of basil in your favorite Neapolitan cuisine dishes!  Use the extra large leaves, fresh or dried, in tomato dishes, pasta sauces, vegetable dishes and soups. 

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      Shop all Basil Seeds Shop Good Companion Plants for Basil 📚 Grow Guide: Basil 

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