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Just as great chefs know that the most important part of the meal is to start with the best ingredients, successful sprout growers understand that the quality of the sprouts they produce can never be better than the quality of the seed they start with.

All of our sprouting seeds are free of human or plant-based pathogens. Featuring high, quick germination rates. We make sure the seeds contain low moisture content, but not so low as to damage the seed. Our seeds will yield the best possible flavor and a long sprout shelf life.

Each and every living seed will grow into a plant. It's when that seed begins to grow (germinate) that we call the beginning growth stage of the plant a "sprout". They are a convenient way to have fresh vegetables for salads, or otherwise, in any season and can be germinated at home or produced industrially. Sprouts are said to be rich in digestible energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and phytochemicals! What's the difference between Sprouts and Microgreens? ⟐  Micro-greens! The Benefits are anything but MICRO!

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